There are several chances for my students to perform solo and ensemble pieces throughout the school year! Here are some ways you can play:

MCPA General Recitals

The Maritime Conservatory offers three sets of recitals throughout the year, and those recitals are divided into three categories: Junior, Senior, and Adult. Adult recitals are open to all ages, while Junior recitals are from a beginning to early high school level, and Senior recitals are for strong high school students and up. Recital dates for the 2022-2023 school year are as follows:

Junior Recitals
Saturday November 19
Saturday February 11
Saturday April 29

Senior Recitals
Sunday November 20
Sunday February 12
Sunday April 30

Adult Recitals
Friday November 18
Friday February 10
Friday April 28

Studio Recitals

Starting in 2021, I host two annual student recitals of either all trumpet students, or all wind and brass students with teachers I work with. These recitals are typically held on the last weekend before Christmas, and early to mid June. Upcoming recital dates are as follows:

Sunday December 18th at 1:30pm
Saturday June 10th at 7pm

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