Music theory is about how music works: why notes sound good together, how notes move between each other, how rhythm interacts with melody and harmony, and basically what makes music “click.” There’s not one type of theory that works for absolutely every genre, but the fundamentals are important to know and will get you through 99.9% of Western popular and classical music.

I tutor Music Theory one-on-one, either following the RCM Syllabus, or by working with the student to create a more open-ended course that fits their musical needs. Please contact me for more information!

One-on-one theory tutoring is $34/session.

Theory Rudiments Crash Course

Starting this fall at the Maritime Conservatory of Performing Arts, I will be offering a new programme called the Theory Rudiments Crash Course. This course takes your from the beginning of learning music up through RCM level 5, with a focus on applying what you learn back to the instrument, making it relevant and meaningful for the modern musician. Each topic will include deep dives into not just how it works, but why it works, and what the bigger picture behind it is.

The Theory Rudiments Crash Course runs for 15 weeks, September to January and February to May. Online and offline options available. Tuition for the term is $290.

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